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Model 1 - Slate Electric Flosser Starter Kit

Model 1 - Slate Electric Flosser Starter Kit

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Model 1 - Slate Electric Flosser: Now at a Special Discounted Price!

The Slate Flosser Model 1, our original breakthrough, is currently available at an exclusive discounted rate. This model redefined oral hygiene, setting new benchmarks for efficiency and effectiveness. Its pioneering design made flossing more accessible and convenient than ever before. Operating at a higher frequency and producing a higher pitch compared to Model 2, the Slate Flosser Model 1 remains a reliable choice for those committed to maintaining their oral health.

Embraced and crafted by dental experts, the Slate Electric Flosser has revolutionized flossing, delivering eco-friendliness and user-friendliness while reducing the risk of cavities and gum disease.

The Starter Kit Box includes:

  • An Electric Flosser
  • Five Slate Floss Heads
  • Two AA batteries to kickstart your journey to a healthier smile.

Our Woven Floss, featuring an impressive 450 strands, is free from wax, toxins, and Teflon (no PFAs or PTFE), ensuring a safe and wholesome flossing experience. Seize the future of flossing - try the Slate Electric Flosser today at this exclusive discounted price!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Floss breaks kinda easy which could get very expensive replacing the heads


It’s okay..nothing special


I like the way it cleans and feels on my teeth and gums.


Feels like I’ve been to the dentist

Kami Ball
Dentist Office Level Hygiene at Home

I am not a flosser, I actually hate to floss but this has been a game changer for me. It is easy to use, provides a complete and total clean, and the heads are very easy to change out. Although the initial price of the flosser seems high, it will last a very long time and the investment is cheaper than paying for cavities. I can't wait for my dental hygienist to see my teeth at my next appointment - she's going to be shocked! I would highly recommend this product to everyone and I can't wait for the ortho flossers to come out for my son that has braces.

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