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Slate Flosser

Slate Electric Flosser Starter Kit

Slate Electric Flosser Starter Kit

Slate Electric Flosser

An electric dental flosser that makes cleaning the areas between your teeth SIMPLE. CONVENIENT. and EFFECTIVE.

Each Box comes with

1 Electric Flosser

5 Slate Floss Heads (one+ month supply) with Patented Gum Sweeps and Tongue Scraper

2 AA Batteries (should last about 6 months)


The Slate Electric Flosser is ergonomic and effective at easily accessing each and every tooth in the mouth. The one-piece design of the handle with a contra-angle neck provides the precise control necessary for flossing. The vibrating motor is located within the neck of the flosser to maximize vibration to the floss head. 

The design of our patented Gum Sweeps mimics the shape of our teeth and gums in the spaces between teeth. Strategically placed ribs and bristles sweep and remove the plaque and food particles that normally remain undisturbed after brushing alone. It may sound complicated, but it's as easy as sliding the floss head back and forth from tongue to cheek. Simple. Easy. Effective.




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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Kami Ball
Dentist Office Level Hygiene at Home

I am not a flosser, I actually hate to floss but this has been a game changer for me. It is easy to use, provides a complete and total clean, and the heads are very easy to change out. Although the initial price of the flosser seems high, it will last a very long time and the investment is cheaper than paying for cavities. I can't wait for my dental hygienist to see my teeth at my next appointment - she's going to be shocked! I would highly recommend this product to everyone and I can't wait for the ortho flossers to come out for my son that has braces.

Makes flossing efficient AND effective

I went from a twice a year flosser (the day before my dentist appointment) to an almost daily flosser a few years ago. I've been using the Slate flosser for about a month and it is the best flossing product I've tried yet. My previous flossing tool (Reach) was efficient, but with Slate I've maximized efficiency AND effectiveness, which is the holy grail for me:) My teeth are clean, my gums feel great, and I'm converted to the Slate flosser!

Game changer for a non-flosser

Went to the dentist and they confirmed that I’m beginning to have gum recession. I’ve been told for years that I need to floss and that this would beginning to happen if I didn’t floss. The string floss takes too long and the floss picks don’t seem to be very effective. I heard about this flosser so I gave it a try. It’s been over a month and I haven’t missed a day. Feels so good on my gums and gets the stuff out of my teeth. It’s easy to use and gets the job done. Would 10/10 recommend, especially if you don’t like to floss. With it’s ease and effectiveness, I don’t know why I’d miss a day.

Webb Knudsen
Finally something that makes flossing fun!

I've had a super positive experience with the Slate flosser! I've tried a number of different flossing products over the years – floss sticks, the Quip floss product, flavored floss like Cocofloss, etc. – and none have been great, but this is the first time I can honestly say I've actually enjoyed flossing! So, thank you to Slate for inventing something really cool that seems like it will finally turn me into a regular flosser. 😃 This product is truly a game changer.

Amazing product —-game changer

I have always been an avid flosser and this product has made flossing so easy. No more fingers in my mouth, no more mess, no more broken floss in my teeth. Super easy to use and so effective!

We are so glad you enjoy your flosser! Thanks for the review, we really appreciate people taking the time to share our product!