• Patented Braces & Tooth Mimicking Gum Sweeps

    Strategically placed ribs and bristles sweep and remove the plaque and food particles that normally remain undisturbed after brushing alone. it's as easy as sliding the floss head back and forth from tongue to cheek.

  • Anatomically-Shaped, 3-Blade Tongue Scraper

    Two rows of rubber bristles lift and rake the hairs of the tongue in preparation of the final straight blade that squeegees and removes all the nasty gunk. The shape of the tongue scraper mimics the natural curvatures of an extended tongue. 

  • High-Quality Multi-Use Ortho Floss Heads

    Our reuse-able floss heads are designed to last. Depending on how tight the user's tooth contacts are and whether their teeth or fillings have sharp edges, our floss heads have proven to last between one to three weeks

Learn how to use Slate with braces

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Floss Like a Boss with Braces

Flossing with braces has never been this simple! The Slate Flossers slim flosser arm slide easily under the braces wire and between the brackets. Rubber bristles brush the sides of the brackets as the flosser head slides under the wire. While the rubber ribs scrub the outward facing surface of the teeth as the flosser head slides under the wire. Saving you a significant amount of time compared to using traditional floss and a floss threader. Not to mention way less messy and more effective than using a water flosser!

We Like Clean Heavy Metal

For years, Dr. Snyder has used dental instruments of all shapes and sizes to clean and repair his patients' teeth. Design cues from these tried and true tools were crucial in developing a handle for the Slate Electric Flosser that was ergonomic and effective at easily accessing each and every tooth in the mouth. The one-piece design of the handle with contra-angle neck provides the precise control necessary for flossing. The vibrating motor is located within the neck of the flosser to maximize vibration to the floss head.  

The Secret Sauce Lies in the Bracket Sweeps

Handled flossers have existed for years, greatly simplifying the dreaded task of cutting off the circulation of the fingers. But the goal of flossing with braces is not to just pass a piece of string between our teeth. The goal is to remove as much of the plaque and bacteria from between our teeth and brackets as possible.The design of our patented Bracket Sweeps mimic the shape of your brace heads, teeth and gums. Strategically placed ribs and bristles sweep and remove the plaque and food particles that normally remain undisturbed after brushing alone. It may sound complicated, but it's as easy as sliding the floss head back and forth from tongue-to-cheek. Simple. Easy. Effective.

Reduce Plastic Pollution with Multi-Use Ortho Floss Heads

Other flosser brands recommend that the floss heads be changed after every use, but the replaceable floss heads of the Slate Electric Flosser are designed to last. Depending on how tight the user's tooth contacts are and whether their teeth or fillings have sharp edges, our floss heads have proven to last between one to three weeks. For best results, we recommend that the floss head be replaced each week. With twice daily use compared to single-use floss heads or floss picks, Slate floss heads can keep almost 700 floss picks from hitting the landfill per year.

12,000+ Gentle Sonic Vibrations

The gentle vibration of the slate electric flosser helps the floss pass through tooth contacts with ease. As you move the floss head in toward your tongue and out toward your cheek, the anatomically shaped gum sweeps slide perfectly into position, hitting bacteria right where it hurts.

Our Customers Can Hardly Retain Themselves!

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I’m enjoying a much cleaner mouth nowadays thanks to Slate. Thanks so much!!!

Yay! Just what we want to hear. Thanks for sharing!

Love it!

Honestly my teeth have never felt cleaner after flossing. Every time it’s like leaving the dentist, but in the comfort of your house and not having to answer a million questions with fingers in your mouth. The only thing that would make this product better would be stronger floss. The replacement heads are expensive for how often they break.

We appreciate the feedback on the Floss Heads! So glad to hear you love it!

What a difference!

After each use I feel like I just got my teeth cleaned at the dentist! My teeth feel smooth and clean! The first time I used the electric flosser it was a bit awkward, but after a few uses it became a quick and even fun task. So thankful for my Slate Flosser!

We are glad you stuck with it and kept using until you got the hang of it. Thanks for the review!

Slate Electric Flosser Starter Kit

Patient Pack
Edmund Schoberg

The vibrating mechanism works well, but the floss broke before I was even done flossing one time. The dentist that recommended this said the floss head lasts 2 to 3 weeks.The heads are way too expensive to break that often. Can I return this


We are so sorry to hear that you have not enjoyed your experience with our Electric Flosser. For some, it may take a week or so to get used to how to use the Flosser without breaking the floss. It also helps to insert it at an angle instead of straight on. I went ahead and emailed you regarding your return options. Thank you for sharing your feedback.

It seems to work well, except I have 3 teeth that I can’t get it between and 2 implants that break’s it . I can’t afford to replace the floss head 1-2 times a day.

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. I am sorry to hear that the Floss Heads are breaking between a few of your teeth. Do you have any fillings or crowns on the teeth you can't get it between? We have had customers who have had rough spots on their fillings or crowns that made the floss heads break. However, these customers went to their dentist and had them smooth the rough areas down, and now the Floss Heads work great! We would suggest you visit your dentist and see if they can offer any help to make sure the floss can go in smoothly, as you will want to make sure all areas of your gums are flossed! Thank you!

It’s still in the box, got it for my son since he doesn’t floss regularly. He has not used yet.

We cannot wait for him to try the Electric Flosser! Let us know how he enjoys it.

instead of "judy" ,my wife, this slate user is named "george" for future dealings

i would like you to send me an email request to buy some floss-head replacements

Hi George! We reached out via email. Look forward to hearing from you!

Couple Starter Pack (2)

20 Slate Floss Heads
Nancy Barthelmess
Not Strong Enough

These heads do not last more than three to four flossings for me. My teeth are quite close together, and that puts a strain on the floss that it can’t take. By the way, I’m one of those who did have four teeth removed as a child and then did wear braces. Other than that, the flosser does do a really good job!

Thanks for sharing your feedback, we really appreciate it! The more you use the Electric Flosser the more used to it you should become. This should hopefully result in the Floss Heads lasting a little bit longer for you!

Handicapped hands can floss better with the Slate

Hands affected with Arthritis have difficulty flossing teeth. The Slate and its Floss Heads makes flossing far easier to accomplish.

Thank you for sharing. We are glad to hear the Electric Flosser has made it easier for you to floss!

20 Slate Floss Heads
Helen Yaselli
Slate floss heads

Love how my mouth feels when I finish flossing
I wish the floss lasted longer.
I am very happy with my flosser.

Thanks for the feedback on the floss heads. We are happy you are enjoying your Electric Flosser!

Slate flosser is perfect for all patients!

Slate flosser has heads specifically designed for every day flossing and even those who have braces. You couldn't get an easier and more effective flossing solution!

Flossing with braces is a challenge, but now its so much easier! Thanks for sharing your experience with our Electric Flosser and orthodontic flosser head!

Genius product

This Flosser makes a huge difference in plaque accumulation. My teeth are so much cleaner, without the mess of a WaterPik…

The gum sweeps were specially designed to help get rid of that plaque build up! Thanks for sharing!

It’s probably great?

My almost six year old got ahold of the flosser as soon as it arrived and promptly shoved it between her teeth. So. I haven’t used it. She however flosses herself every night now, so I guess it’s great? It’s definitely worth it to have her happily floss her own teeth!

It's always a win if we can get kids flossing! We are happy she likes the Slate Flosser. Now time to get a Flosser for yourself!

It's a great product - I'm loving mine - thanks!

We are glad to hear you love your Electric Slate Flosser!

I absolutely love my Slate Flosser, I just got new floss heads for it and am now flossing every single day. Did I mention I used to hate flossing? Not anymore.

This is exactly the feedback we hope for! Thanks for sharing.

Saved me from gum surgery!!

At my last dental cleaning I was told I had a few spots of concern with the deterioration of my gums and would potentially need surgery to relocate healthy gum and to flush out the gingivitis. They gave me till my next cleaning to see if I could improve the situation before the next steps. They weren't optimistic but I immediately started using the Slate Flosser with the recommended mouthwash and I just had my cleaning where I shocked them! Those gum spots that were previously 5's & even 6's were now 2's & 3's and I got to avoid a more serious situation! I was a flosser before but now I have every confidence that the Slate flosser is far superior tool to get and keep my mouth healthy. Thank you Slate team!

Wow! What amazing results! We are so happy you are finding success. Thank you for taking the time to share your review.

nice concept but not enjoyable to use

I am not someone who enjoys flossing and I have tight spaces between my teeth. I use Philipps sonic toothbrush and floss with Reach floss. When I got my Slate flosser, I was hoping to love it but when I use it, the vibrations are uncomfortable and create a discomfort in my ears that I don’t enjoy using and it’s hard to reach back in the back teeth. It’s sad that the head needs to be replaced very often making it a bit expensive and it can break easily bc i have tight spaces. I have tried it again to see if it just takes time to adjust but the vibrations is just too annoying that I have reverted back to just using regular floss.

Hi Wendy,

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback. We truly appreciate all feedback we receive as it helps us make changes that our customers will love. Make sure and stay subscribed to our emails so you are the first to know when we have updates that hopefully make it a more enjoyable process for you!

Absolute Game Changer

I am a lifelong flosser and didn't think that my routine could be improved upon. Boy was I wrong. After one use of the Slate Electric Flosser, my mouth felt cleaner than it ever had before. No other product produces the same level of clean.

Thank you for sharing your feedback! We are so happy you are enjoying the Flosser!

Works great and is super easy.

I have been pleased with the Slate system and find that the heads last a reasonable length of time.

Thank you for your feedback! We are happy to hear you are enjoying it.

Flossing regularly for the first time ever!

Flossing regularly for the first time ever!

This is exactly what we hope for! Thanks for sharing.

Love this Flosser!

I love this sonic flosser! It makes flossing so easy. I can get to the back teeth with ease. I no longer dread flossing. Highly recommend!

We are so happy you are enjoying it. Thank you for sharing your feedback!

Five stars

I am a periodontist and father of three. My kids do not like flossing. They now floss. Even the one in Ortho. Great product and well worth the cost.

This is exactly what we want! Thanks for sharing.

Patient Pack
Justin Schuchardt
Makes flossing easier

While I am loving the fact that this makes flossing a whole easier I am a bit disappointed in the durability of the floss heads. They come advertised as lasting between 1 to 3 weeks based on tooth tightness. Well, my floss heads last 3 days at best. While I do think the design and ease of use of the unit itself is great, I'm not sure I will continue buying the heads if I am going through 3 to 4 per week.

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. We have found that the more you use the Flosser the more familiar you get with it, making the floss heads last longer. However, we are also working on more designs for other floss options,