• Patented Braces & Tooth Mimicking Gum Sweeps

    Strategically placed ribs and bristles sweep and remove the plaque and food particles that normally remain undisturbed after brushing alone. it's as easy as sliding the floss head back and forth from tongue to cheek.

  • Anatomically-Shaped, 3-Blade Tongue Scraper

    Two rows of rubber bristles lift and rake the hairs of the tongue in preparation of the final straight blade that squeegees and removes all the nasty gunk. The shape of the tongue scraper mimics the natural curvatures of an extended tongue. 

  • High-Quality Multi-Use Ortho Floss Heads

    Our reuse-able floss heads are designed to last. Depending on how tight the user's tooth contacts are and whether their teeth or fillings have sharp edges, our floss heads have proven to last between one to three weeks

Learn how to use Slate with braces

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Floss Like a Boss with Braces

Flossing with braces has never been this simple! The Slate Flossers slim flosser arm slide easily under the braces wire and between the brackets. Rubber bristles brush the sides of the brackets as the flosser head slides under the wire. While the rubber ribs scrub the outward facing surface of the teeth as the flosser head slides under the wire. Saving you a significant amount of time compared to using traditional floss and a floss threader. Not to mention way less messy and more effective than using a water flosser!

We Like Clean Heavy Metal

For years, Dr. Snyder has used dental instruments of all shapes and sizes to clean and repair his patients' teeth. Design cues from these tried and true tools were crucial in developing a handle for the Slate Electric Flosser that was ergonomic and effective at easily accessing each and every tooth in the mouth. The one-piece design of the handle with contra-angle neck provides the precise control necessary for flossing. The vibrating motor is located within the neck of the flosser to maximize vibration to the floss head.  

The Secret Sauce Lies in the Bracket Sweeps

Handled flossers have existed for years, greatly simplifying the dreaded task of cutting off the circulation of the fingers. But the goal of flossing with braces is not to just pass a piece of string between our teeth. The goal is to remove as much of the plaque and bacteria from between our teeth and brackets as possible.The design of our patented Bracket Sweeps mimic the shape of your brace heads, teeth and gums. Strategically placed ribs and bristles sweep and remove the plaque and food particles that normally remain undisturbed after brushing alone. It may sound complicated, but it's as easy as sliding the floss head back and forth from tongue-to-cheek. Simple. Easy. Effective.

Reduce Plastic Pollution with Multi-Use Ortho Floss Heads

Other flosser brands recommend that the floss heads be changed after every use, but the replaceable floss heads of the Slate Electric Flosser are designed to last. Depending on how tight the user's tooth contacts are and whether their teeth or fillings have sharp edges, our floss heads have proven to last between one to three weeks. For best results, we recommend that the floss head be replaced each week. With twice daily use compared to single-use floss heads or floss picks, Slate floss heads can keep almost 700 floss picks from hitting the landfill per year.

12,000+ Gentle Sonic Vibrations

The gentle vibration of the slate electric flosser helps the floss pass through tooth contacts with ease. As you move the floss head in toward your tongue and out toward your cheek, the anatomically shaped gum sweeps slide perfectly into position, hitting bacteria right where it hurts.

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20 Slate Floss Heads
Shane Rudman
Floss breaks each use

The device works well except the floss breaks approximately every 1.1 uses. They could have a good business on their hands except for getting too greedy. If the cost of use was more like $25 a quarter rather than $25-30 per month, the model would likely work. At their current pricing, they will lose out to a competitor. I will go back to traditional flossing.

Works good but floss shreds after 1-2 days

It works good. For the expense of the replacement floss heads, I really wish they lasted longer than 1-2 days.

Hi Nancy,

Thank you for sharing your feedback. I am sorry to hear the Floss Heads are only lasting 1-2 days. The Floss Heads should be lasting more than that, more like 5-7 days. We recommend a roll in and out method. You can watch this YouTube video to see what we mean: https://youtube.com/shorts/teYAGFqVKa4?si=QnRI3jC_mX2OvZxf

Please let us know how we can help you have a more positive experience!

Fantastic tool!

Wow! The Slate has made such a positive difference in my gum health. Pockets have been reduced from 4s and 5s to 2s and 3s! I'm so happy with my Slate flosser.

Wow! We are so thrilled to hear this feedback! Thank you for sharing.

My new favorite way to get a very clean floss!

I’m a wife of a dentist and both of us are thoroughly enjoying our Slate Flossers. I love to floss and having the wedges to massage and clean the gums is a game changer. We will be sharing this website with family, staff and patients. Thank you for making such a great product!

This is such great feedback! The Gum Sweeps are our favorite part of the Electric Flosser, too! Thank you for sharing.

Patient Pack

The Slate Flosser takes getting used to but it is remarkable after you get the hang of it. I have very tight teeth and I used 8 heads in the first 3 days (which some may literally cry about). Now I am using 2 per week. Manufacturer suggests 1 head per week, not 1 to 3 weeks as some reviews say.

Thanks for sharing your valuable feedback about the Slate Flosser. It is true that it does take some getting used to for your specific mouth. We are so glad you got the hang of it and are getting the heads to last longer!

Couple Starter Pack (2)
Carol Syversen
1 broke after 2 weeks

Battery stopped working on 1 of the flossers and doesn’t work with new batteries.

Hi Carol!

I am sorry to hear your Flosser is not working properly. We have sent you a personal email to get that fixed. We hope you can have a positive experience with the Slate Electric Flosser!

Couple Starter Pack (2)
Steve Thatcher
Amazing flosser

So solid and easy to use. You can also tell that it is well made once you hold it. It makes flossing so much quicker and easier that it is easy to do it daily.

Thanks for sharing! We are so happy that it is easy to use and that you are flossing daily!

Almost perfect.

I love the flosser, but when the floss breaks, you no longer get the benefit of the peaked side brushes, since the floss guides them between the teeth. If floss could be made from something stronger such as kevlar, they might last better.

Thank you for your feedback on the Slate Electric Flosser!

20 Slate Floss Heads
Goran Krunic
Great product

As stated in the title, although it's a shame there is no EU distributor at the time of writing this review.

Glad you are enjoying the Electric Flosser, we hope to have an EU distributor soon!


Im a dental hygienist that hates flossing her teeth!!! I know, I know…but now with the electrical flosser i find it enjoyable. Its easy and fast! Recommend for all my patients. Best invention EVER

Thank you Megan! We are so glad that the Electric Flosser is helping make flossing enjoyable!

Amazing product

This product is amazing and the quality as well

We are so glad to hear that you are enjoying your Electric Flosser! Thanks for your review.

Patient Pack
Lorraine Gadal

I have some teeth that are very close together. In 19 days I have broken 2 of the wires and am now on my third floss head. For that reason it could be expensive for me to replace the floss heads often. I do like the flosser and think it is making a difference. I have a very bad plaque problem and get my teeth cleaned every three months. When I see my hygienist next I will be very interested to hear what she has to say about any improvement.

Hi Lorraine,

Thank you for sharing your feedback. It may take a week or so to get used to how to use the Flosser. We recommend watching our YouTube videos to watch how it's done and also to see some tips that help when using! Let us know what your hygienist says, we'd be interested to hear!

Great product

Super easy to use there is a small learning curve you have to get used to. Overall mouth feels cleaner after flossing and brushing.

Once you get the hang of it, the Electric Flosser really is a game changer! Thanks for sharing.

Happy customer

My husband Loves his Slate flosser.

That is great to hear! We hope the rest of the family gets to try one out, too!

Navidium Shipping Protection
Mary D

The floss heads arrived quickly

Enjoying the flosser and mouth feels great!!

Thanks for sharing!

20 Slate Floss Heads
Patricia Clark
Excellent customer service!!

Item was shipped out day it was ordered. Love your product!!

We are so glad we were able to get your Electric Flosser to you quickly! Thanks for sharing your feedback on it, happy to hear you love the Flosser!

Finally started a flossing habit!

The ease of using this glosser finally allowed me to create a daily habit. I am so thankful that Slated his helping me floss especially with all the data coming out about the importance of flossing.

YES! Our main goal is to have more people flossing daily, and it's a perk if it's with the Electric Flosser!

Nothing short of amazing!

I’ve been using this device for almost a week. For the first few days I had to get used to how to maneuver it to get it between my teeth, especially in the places where my teeth are very close. Now I can get it through most of my teeth the first try. This device is absolutely incredible. As many people have commented, my teeth feel cleaner than they ever have after using it. I would highly recommend this device to anyone who cares about their oral health!

Thank you for your feedback! For some, it does take a little bit to learn how to use, but once you get it, it truly changes how you floss! We are so glad you are enjoying the Electric Flosser!

20 Slate Floss Heads
Matt Williams

20 Slate Floss Heads


I am truly obsessed with my Slate Electric Flosser. I now have motivation to floss daily and have gotten incredible results by doing so! I can't recommend this product enough.

This is exactly what we hope for! A healthy flossing habit will truly transform your mouth. Thank you for sharing!

I absolutely love it!

My teeth feel so clean after using the Slate Electric Flosser.
Probably won't go back to the string floss again!

We are so happy to hear that you are flossing and enjoying the Slate Electric Flosser!

We love the Slate Flosser.

We love the Slate Flosser and are glad we participated in the Kickstarter Project. We are looking forward to seeing what our dental hygienist has to say at our next cleaning.

Thanks Lillian! We can't wait to hear what your hygienist has to say, make sure and let us know!

20 Slate Floss Heads

Have not used yet, Dr. Wants to find a good pt. To try it on first.