Frquently Asked Questions

How long does a head last?

Up to 1 week, We recommend that you change out your floss head once a week. Slate heads are reusable just like your toothbrush, just rinse & dry.

If your teeth are very close together, one floss head can be used for up to one week+, whereas if your teeth are not super tight, close together, or overlapping, then it can be much longer. Hope that helps :)

Can you use with a lingual bar (permanent retainer)?

The Slate Electric Flosser, at this time, cannot work with a permanent retainer. You can, however, you can still use it on your molars, where most cavities form.

How does the braces head work?

The slim arms on the floss head go between the wire and the tooth.

Can you use with a bridge?

Unfortunately, not currently. We do have a patent pending on one that works with a bridge, but we expect it to be a few years before it is ready.