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Dental Products Report

Get Teeth Clean, Especially In-Between

By Barbara Tritz 06.26.2024


If You’re Willing To Invest A Little, Reviewers Say These 37 Beauty Products And Tools Have Magical Results

By Elizabeth Lilly 06.25.2024

Pop Sugar

This $80 Electric Flosser Saved Me From a $750 Deep Cleaning

By Natasha Marsh 06.24.2024

How I Built This Podcast with Guy Raz

Advice Line with Andrew Abraham of Orgain


Spa and Beauty Today

Innovative Oral Care Products for a Healthy and Beautiful Smile

By Kamala Kirk 06.12.2024

Men's Health

2024 Men's Health Grooming Awards

By Garrett Munce 05.07.2024


6 Best Tongue Scrapers to Boost Your Oral Hygiene

By Annie Blackman 05.07.2024

Verywell Health

The 9 Best Tongue Scrapers For Fresh Breath

By Daley Quinn 04.02.2024

Geek Wire

From timber to tech: Spokane’s startup scene is ready for its big breakthrough

By Todd Bishop 03.28.2024

Sweety High

7 Great Dental Products to Maintain a Sparkling Smile

By Daryn McElroy 03.08.2024

Beauty News NYC

Lumineaux + The Electric Slate Flosser = A Smile That Dazzles

By Eva Whalen 03.05.2024


7 Products You Need To Keep Your Gums Healthy

By Dominique Fluker 02.23.2024

Beauty News NYC

What’s In His Bath This Month?

By PK Greenfield 02. 28.2024

E-News Online

Get Clean, White Teeth & Fresh Breath with These Genius Dental Products

By Megan Gray 02.13.2024


A new easy effective way to implement flossing into your daily routine

By Dr. Lou Graham 02.01.2024


Review: Slate’s Electric Flosser Will Simplify Your Hygiene Routine

By Tanner Garrity 01.21.2024

Girls Life

If these steps are missing from your oral hygiene routine, WYD?

By Faith Green 01.31.2024


Winter Favorites Celebs Love and More: What We're Into This 2024 Season

well + good

Here’s Why Your Teeth May Hurt When You’re Sick—And the 4 Things You Can Do About It

By Annita Katee 12.13.2023

mindbodygreen lifestyle

The Oral Care Renaissance Is Here — But Are Dentists Backing The Trend?

By Hanny Frye 11.06.2023


Innovation Still Has Teeth in Oral Care

By Lianna Albrizio 11.01.2023

AAO New Product Showcase Award

2023 Annual Session Attendees Chose New Products Showcase Award Winners

Dentistry Today

Slate Dental Launches the Slate Electric Flosser