• Dr. Brittany Baker DMD

    Yes sure of course! My favorite thing about the Slate Electric Flosser is how it cleans embrasures with ease. I feel that a lot of my patients would benefit from a flosser like this because so many of them floss I ineffectively by just going up and down. With the Slate, I feel like I have to do way less work to get a better clean!

  • Dr. Jayson Wurtzbacher

    The slate electric flosser is awesome! I love how the vibrations help the floss to get through the tight contacts of some of my teeth. The gum sweeps help really get every thing clean and the handle design makes the overall use very simple and convenient. I love the Slate Flosser and highly recommend it!

  • Dr. Chad Smith

    I am a 37 year old dentist and have never been very consistent at flossing until now. The Slate flosser has been the one tool that finally helped me become a daily flosser. It does a fantastic job of cleaning my teeth, it is more comfortable than other options, and it sits right next to my electric toothbrush and makes it so easy to get into a good flossing routine. I have told all my staff to use this flosser.

  • Dr. Mara Ganim

    Game. Changer.
    I can’t say enough good things about the Slate electric flosser! They nailed the convenience of the floss picks, but made it so much better! As a dentist the gum sweeps are my favorite part! That’s what makes this product stand out to me. They really clean the spaces in between your teeth and are super gentle! 10/10 would definitely recommend to family, friends, and patients!

  • Dr. Kevin Brown

    How easy it is to use and how clean my gums feel when I'm done with it. It's amazing!!!

  • Amanda O'Brien RDH

    "I love that you can actually reach the backside of the second molars! This device is a game changer for so many patients whom do not have the dexterity to floss with traditional methods. Also love the eco friendly aspect with reusable replacement heads!"

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