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Dr. Brittany Baker DMD
Yes sure of course! My favorite thing about the Slate Electric Flosser is how it cleans embrasures with ease. I feel that a lot of my patients would benefit from a flosser like this because so many of them floss I ineffectively by just going up and down. With the Slate, I feel like I have to do way less work to get a better clean!
Dr. Jayson Wurtzbacher
The slate electric flosser is awesome! I love how the vibrations help the floss to get through the tight contacts of some of my teeth. The gum sweeps help really get every thing clean and the handle design makes the overall use very simple and convenient. I love the Slate Flosser and highly recommend it!
Dr. Chad Smith
I am a 37 year old dentist and have never been very consistent at flossing until now. The Slate flosser has been the one tool that finally helped me become a daily flosser. It does a fantastic job of cleaning my teeth, it is more comfortable than other options, and it sits right next to my electric toothbrush and makes it so easy to get into a good flossing routine. I have told all my staff to use this flosser.
Dr.  Mara Ganim
Game. Changer.I can’t say enough good things about the Slate electric flosser! They nailed the convenience of the floss picks, but made it so much better! As a dentist the gum sweeps are my favorite part! That’s what makes this product stand out to me. They really clean the spaces in between your teeth and are super gentle! 10/10 would definitely recommend to family, friends, and patients!
Dr. Kevin Brown
How easy it is to use and how clean my gums feel when I'm done with it. It's amazing!!!
Amanda O'Brien RDH
"I love that you can actually reach the backside of the second molars! This device is a game changer for so many patients whom do not have the dexterity to floss with traditional methods. Also love the eco friendly aspect with reusable replacement heads!"

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Excellent product. The handle is just the right length. Flossing now takes less time than brushing. I was never a string floss guy. Too much work. I have a water flosser which I still use because of a wire retainer glued to some teeth, but the Slate Flosser I use everywhere else, using this daily.

Patient Pack
Tracy Allen
First dental visit since using the tool

I felt like the flosser was doing a better job than I could do manually, but I just had my first cleaning since using the flosser for only two weeks, and my hygienist noticed the difference right away and asked me what I was doing differently. I was scheduled to have SRP in 3 quadrants and only needed it in one.

Wow! This is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing the feedback. This is exactly why the Slate Flosser was created!

I’m loving this and have less and less bleeding when I floss because I’m actually doing it twice a day

Thank you for sharing! So happy your gums are happy!

I’m flossing!

Two things recently happened in my life, 1: I heard the interview about this flosser on NPR and I am one of the 50%+ of Americans who rarely floss. 2: a few days after listening to the interview, I had a scammy negative dental appointment where they wanted me to pay $750 after insurance for a deep cleaning. The hygienist went on and on about how bad my teeth were and they bled a lot during cleaning, I thought she was rough and rude and trying to “sell.” Anyway, I declined the expensive cleaning and decided I needed to floss regularly so I went to checkout this product. I don’t want Alzheimer’s. My partner has flossed like 2x in his life. I don’t want him to get Alzheimer’s. I ordered this partner pack for us and we have since flossed every single day because the handle makes it easy to use and it’s much quicker than regular floss. It’s expensive, but I’m flossing. I might buy as gifts for friends in the future. I wasn’t sure what this kit came with, the description isn’t specific… I thought it might only come with the handheld divorce but it came with several replacement heads too. Two tips for improvement: the box it comes with is just cardboard and it should come with a travel case and a protective cover for the head between uses. Also… I wonder if this device needs to be as long as it is? I do a lot of solo traveling with one tiny bag and I’d like to bring this but it would take up a lot of space. I’d buy a travel size.

Thank you so much for taking the time to share such wonderful feedback! We are so happy you are flossing! We can't wait to hear what your hygienist has to say next time. We have sent your feedback about our description and product suggestions to our team, we are always happy to improve!

This is the greatest tool ever! You feel the change immediately!!! If you're on the fence, buy it today!

We are so glad to hear that, thank you for sharing!

Quick delivery a little overpriced, but I like the product

Thank you for the feedback!

Love it

Love this flosser. I’m actually flossing daily now because it’s just easy and feels like it works better.

We are so happy to hear that! Daily flossing is the goal!

Have received best reports from my hygienist ever since started using.

Yay!! We are so happy to hear this!

Great - better than advertised

Great, fantastic invention

Love this flosser!!!

When will you make the USB version of this model?

AA Batteries???? Seems inefficient. When are you going to make the rechargeable version?

We will have a rechargeable version available by the end of the year!

Flossing made easy!

I’ve been wanting to try this flosser out for some time and actually won a contest through one of their giveaways on Instagram! I loved the packaging the flosser came in and also had clear instructions on how to use it. The first time was intimidating but I got the hang of the movement right away and flossing is such a breeze now. I purchased the refill pack right away and I’m excited to go to the dentist to see if they notice an improvement now that I’m more dedicated to flossing (and my teeth have never felt cleaner compared to when I would floss by hand)!

We are so happy to hear about your success with the Flosser!! Let us know what your dental provider says about your amazingly clean teeth!

Look forward to flossing now. This is one of the best new dental products to be introduced.

We are so glad to hear that!

Not great. The flosser was hard to use as it would get stuck between my teeth. It felt like a torture tool! Hope I can get a refund.

Thank you for your feedback. I am sorry that you had trouble with the Flosser. We provide tips and tricks on how to use the Flosser properly so that it does not get stuck in between your teeth. Have you emailed our customer support yet? Please make sure and email us so we can get you taken care of

Amazing flossing experience

New happy customer!!!This flosser is revolutionary and just an epic flossing experience!! I have wanted to see a floss worthy of the flossability title and the SLATE FLOSSER is definitely worthy!!!!

Thank you slate —i think my flossing worries are over

Thanks for the amazing review Athena! We are so happy you are happy and are taking such great care of your dental health!

Going to be doing a giveaway for this in the future

I recently left a review on this product on @dentalhygieneedu, I am so excited to actually do a giveaway of this product in the coming few months, I absolutely love this product and would 100% recommend it, although it is pricey, it is an investment that will benefit you in the long run!

Thanks for the great feedback and review! We're excited you will using our product as a giveaway! That's a lucky patient!

Awesome! Great customer service too

Thank you for you positive response! We appreciate you!

Makes flossing so much easier. I now floss every time I brush.

So great to hear! Thanks for letting us know!

Love it! Don’t want to floss any way else anymore.

This is great! We love to see healthy habits happen!

makes me want to floss!

Hurray! Thanks for letting us know!

My mouth has never felt so clean.

We are so glad to hear that! Keep up the good work!

Truly transformative

I’ve always left the dentist office telling myself I was being given a clean slate and a fresh start to establish good flossing habits— and every time, I fell back to my old habits of not flossing regularly! Honestly I figured that spending a decent chunk of change on the Slate Flosser would prompt me to use it, but I really love how easy this tool makes it to effectively floss my teeth. I love it and have flossed every day for the past few weeks— and can tell it’s a permanent habit now!

We are so happy to hear that you have a healthy flossing habit! We can't wait to hear what you dentist and hygienist say about your gums at your next appointment!

Makes flossing fun!!

We are so happy to hear this! Thanks for sharing!

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