The Roll and Sweep Technique

Learn how to use the Slate Flosser

How to replace a floss head on the Slate Electric Flosser

Step 1
Press the blue button on the bottom of the flosser to turn it on. Grip it high on the handle using the logo grip as a reference.
Step 2
Slide the floss between your teeth (if you have a tight contact, hold a steady pressure and the vibration will help the floss through)
Step 3
Move the floss head slowly from tongue to cheek, allowing the Gum Sweeps to scrub the teeth and massage the gums
Step 4
Flip the floss head over and scrape the tongue 3-5 times from base to tip
Step 5
Rinse the floss head thoroughly and allow it to dry (change floss head weekly for best results)
Step 6
Remove floss head, place your thumb on the back of the neck just below the tongue scraper and press down firmly on a hard surface
Step 7
Connect a new floss head, slide the top of the flosser neck up through middle of the floss head and press firmly on the back of the tongue scraper until it snaps in on both sides (make sure the interacting logos on the flosser and the floss head are both pointing upward)

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