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Slate Dental, Inc.

Slate Electric Flosser Starter Kit

Slate Electric Flosser Starter Kit

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Slate Electric Flosser

The Slate Electric Flosser is the only 3-in-1 flosser made to floss your teeth, stimulate your gums, and clean off your tongue. Designed, invented, and recommended by dentists, the Slate Electric Flosser has completely disrupted the flossing industry by creating a sustainable, effective, and easy-to-use flosser that will get people to actually jump on their flossing game and reduce cavities. The future of floss is here, and it’s time to check it out.

Each Starter Kit Box comes with the following:

1 Electric Flosser

5 Slate Floss Heads

2 AA Batteries



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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Updated review!

Just had my second office cleaning since purchasing this product. Hygienist said my pockets (gum condition between teeth) have gone from 5 to 3! I knew it was making a difference, but now I have proof! Thanks, Slate...I could be a brand ambassador!

Jamie G
Definitely worth the hype!

I was so excited to try my slate flosser. Not only does it work really well, but it helps me remember to floss every day, which is something I really struggled with before. I'm excited to hear what my dentist thinks about my flossing at my next appointment.

Steven Volland
Two weeks in

I bought this flosser from their Kickstarter campaign. I've been using it for 2 weeks now and absolutely LOVE IT! Hands down way better than the floss pics and floss threads. For anyone interested... I make a 50-50 mouthwash of water and hydrogen peroxide. I dip the flosser head in my mouthwash, floss, rinse it, dip it in the mouthwash and let it dry, then gargle with the mouthwash.... that's personally how I feel comfortable using the same head for multiple days.

Tessa O
I'm a happy flosser

Never consistently flossed before even though my other dental hygiene habits were good. Now flossing is a delight and so easy! The vibrations make the floss slide thru tight spots surprisingly easily. I'm done in a minute. I actually look forward to flossing each night!

Joe Dubner
Excellent support

Customer service cheerfully sent me another unit after I had a problem and I'm a happy camper again. This is so much better than traditional flossing -- easy to do while reading as it only takes one hand.