Hello, flossing friends!

We’re thrilled to introduce ourselves to you! As a small, husband and wife-run team -- with 5 kids, no less! -- we are on a tireless mission to help people everywhere improve their oral health from the comfort of their own homes. Here’s our story about WHY the Slate Electric Flosser came to be.


Dr. Snyder grew up hating the dentist! He had so many cavities as a kid that he made an oath to someday become a dentist that was kind, understanding, and helped people.


We aren’t flossing enough because it’s hard to do!

After realizing there were too many roadblocks to effective flossing, Dr. Snyder got to work on creating a tool that would make it easier for people of ALL abilities. From children, the elderly, caretakers, those with dexterity issues, and even people with braces; Danny wanted to make sure everyone had access to a device that would help them floss effectively to avoid cavities & gum disease.


The SLATE Electric Flosser!

Dr. Snyder did it! He worked for 9 months developing the BEST electric flosser on the market that’s FAST and EFFECTIVE!

As acting CEO, Brynn and her women-run team at SLATE are working to ensure everyone learns the incredible benefits of this ground-breaking tool.

Trusted & recommended by thousands of dental professionals, peer-reviewed by 500+ hygienists, and with over 25,000 happy flossers, this tool is changing lives and empowering people to floss their way to better health!


Thanks to the Slate Electric Flosser, all FIVE of our kids have remained CAVITY FREE, even those with braces!!!

★★★★★ Flossing made EASY!!

"I’ll start off by saying, I’ve been a registered dental hygienist for 12 years. I’m always looking for new products to help my patients achieve optimum oral health. This 3 in 1 electric flosser is such an awesome device to help reach into those contact areas! I have super tight contacts and often break regular floss picks. The refill heads have a very sturdy floss that I’ve been able to easily adapt between my teeth without shredding the floss. The gentle vibrations feel like a nice massage with the gum sweeps. This flosser is a MUST if you have trouble with standard flossing, and easily gets into those hard to reach molar areas!!!"

-Amanda O

A message from the dentist who HATES cavities:

Designed and Recommended by Dentists

Designed by a dentist, the Slate Electric Flosser™, is a revolutionary technology that helps users improve their oral health by addressing the critical need of accessing hard-to-reach areas between teeth.
Women Run & Dentist Invented
Slate Electric Flosser was launched by Dentist Dr. Danny Snyder and Co-Founder, Brynn MacLennan Snyder, through an online Kickstarter campaign that reached its goal in one day and was in the top 10% of Kickstarter campaigns.
Tested by over 500 Hygienists
Tested by over 500 registered dental hygienists in the United States, the Slate Electric Flosser was rated by 73% of them as better than anything that is available on the market.
Revolutionary Technology
The SlateElectricFlosser leverages high-grade floss, together with sonic vibrations at 12,000 vibrations per minute, and the company’s patent-pending Gum Sweeps™ technology to easily access, massage, stimulate and clean the gums and teeth.

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Braces Floss Head
With 5 children, the Snyders knew they had to do something to help people in braces. After having a patient with a cavity between each tooth after removing their braces, Dr. Snyder designed the SLATE orthodontic (BRACES) floss head to clean off brackets while getting between the teeth so kids (and adults!) could easily floss with braces.
Reduces Plaque & Bacteria
Flossing is not to just pass a piece of string between our teeth. The goal is to actually remove as much of the plaque and bacteria from between our teeth as possible, while stimulating our gums and promoting blood flow! The design of our patented Gum Sweeps mimics the shape of the space between our teeth and gums, while the silicone bristles and vibrations remove ALL the plaque and gunk!
Improving Oral Health
Toothbrushes have advanced at cleaning the biting surfaces and the sides of the teeth, which is exactly what they are designed to do. But a lot of harmful bacteria remains after you brush, primarily in the spaces between your teeth and on the surface of the tongue. That's why we designed the Slate Electric Flosser! This innovative tool is an expert at removing leftover bacteria between the teeth and in your gums, while the tongue scraper helps you get the cleanest mouth possible!

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We all know we should floss, yet most of us don't. Those who do floss rarely do it correctly. The SLATE Electric Flosser is the only 3-in-1 tool you need, in addition to your toothbrush, to achieve ideal oral health