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Slate Flosser

20 Slate Floss Heads

20 Slate Floss Heads

Each package comes with 20 Floss heads. 

Gum Sweeps

The design of our patented Gum Sweeps mimics the shape of our teeth and gums in the spaces between teeth. Strategically placed ribs and bristles sweep and remove the plaque and food particles that normally remain undisturbed after brushing alone. It may sound complicated, but it's as easy as sliding the floss head back and forth from tongue to cheek. Simple. Easy. Effective.

Tongue Scraper

Most of the bacteria that cause bad breath live on the surface of the tongue. Brushing the tongue can help remove some of that bacteria, but studies have shown that a tongue scraper can remove 30% more odor-causing bacteria than a toothbrush. The tongue scraper on the Slate Electric Flosser has two rows of rubber bristles that lift and rake the hairs of the tongue in preparation of the final straight blade that squeegees and removes all the nasty gunk. The shape of the tongue scraper mimics the natural curvatures of an extended tongue. 

Reuse-able Heads

The replaceable floss heads of the Slate Electric Flosser are designed to last. Depending on how tight the user's tooth contacts are and whether their teeth or fillings have sharp edges, our floss heads have proven to last between one to three weeks. For best results, we recommend that the floss head be replaced each week. With twice-daily use compared to single-use floss heads or floss picks, Slate floss heads can keep almost 700 floss picks from hitting the landfill per year.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jason Gray
Flossing made easy

I do not enjoy flossing but the slate flosser makes it so simple and my gums and smile have improved dramatically in just a few weeks of use. So much easier to make flossing a habit with Slate.

Tom S.
Absolutely LOVE this product!

I had previously used regular dental floss on a daily basis although I found it to be awkward, messy, easily broken and expensive. The Slate Flosser is not only more exact but also easier much easier to use. This product is an excellent compliment to an electric toothbrush. Shocked it had not been invented sooner.

Lindsey Hesse
Great design, easy to use!

I am excited for this product to hit the market so I can start recommending it to my patients! The design is great and very easy to use. It will be especially beneficial for kids or individuals with dexterity issues who are otherwise unable to floss! The gum sweeps help to ensure that the food and plaque is being removed from the in between spaces that the toothbrush can’t reach. The tongue scraper is a nice additional touch to ensure that you clean your tongue as well since the tongue harbors a substantial amount of bacteria! And bonus, you won’t be creating so much waste since it is reusable!

Thank you so much Lindsey! We can't wait for your patients to have these too!