Waterflossers vs The Slate Electric Flosser

Waterflossers vs The Slate Electric Flosser

Water flossers have come a long way since their earliest iteration, which was patented in the mid-1950s but not commercially available until the early 1960s. Today, almost every oral health care brand offers its own version of the water flosser, which features a basin filled with water, a pump, hose, and nozzle. While these devices offer an easier-to-use alternative to traditional string floss, they can be messy and bulky, and have not been proven to remove the base layer of plaque that causes cavities.

Enter the Slate Electric Flosser, a device that addresses many of the cons of water flossers while also offering superior plaque removal. Like a water flosser, the Slate Electric Flosser has an ergonomic handle and helps improve gum health. However, it is not messy and can be used with an open mouth while looking in the mirror. It is also compact and easy to travel with.

Most importantly, the Slate Electric Flosser is highly effective at removing plaque and bacteria, thanks to its 12,000 sonic vibrations that help the floss pass through tight tooth contacts and scrub away even the stickiest plaque. Its Gum Sweeps reach into the spaces between teeth to massage the gums and scrub hard-to-reach areas where cavities are most likely to occur. The device even features a tongue scraper to help eliminate the bacteria that can cause bad breath.

Overall, the Slate Electric Flosser is a major improvement over traditional water flossers and offers a more effective way to clean all areas of the mouth that a toothbrush may miss.

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