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Pediatric Dentistry With Dr. Judy

 "I hope that my patients and their families know just how IMPORTANT baby teeth are!" 

What made you want to become a Dental professional?

My first memory of ever wanting to be a dentist was when I was in middle school. I was one of the first kids in my school to get braces and I remember all my classmates crowding around me, perplexed at all the metal in my mouth. I was a little self-conscious about having braces at such a young age but what made it bearable was my orthodontist, Dr. Quan. His office was always so warm, welcoming, and fun! He made ortho appointments something I looked forward to. There were always monthly contests and giveaways, he had the coolest games and movies in the waiting room, and he even gave out “Quan Bucks” for all his patients to collect to redeem for prizes (I got a Gameboy Advance!). When my orthodontic treatment was complete, I was a bit sad that I wouldn’t be coming to Dr. Quan’s office anymore. So, on my last day there, I told Dr. Quan that I would become a dentist one day so I could work alongside him!

What is the hardest part about being a Dental Professional?

Most people aren’t aware of the physical and mental demands of dentistry. Awkward working postures, repetitive motions, and prolonged standing puts dental professionals at higher risk for neck and back pain. That’s why self-care is such an important aspect in my life! When I’m not at the dental office, you can find me at the gym, getting a massage, or pampering myself in some shape or form–anything to relieve my chronic aching body!


What do you wish that your patients knew?

As a pediatric dentist, I hope that my patients and their families know just how IMPORTANT baby teeth are! One of the most common misconceptions about baby teeth is that we do not need to take care of them because “they are just going to fall out”. But that is far from the truth! Baby teeth not only aid in proper speech, chewing, and providing a healthy smile, but more importantly, they function to hold space for proper alignment of the adult teeth. So take care of those baby teeth and thank me later!

If you could give one dental hygiene tip, what would it be?

Your gums are just as important as your teeth! When it comes to brushing, most tend to focus solely on their teeth but your gums need some lovin’ as well. This means angling your toothbrush bristles towards the gum line and really getting that floss down underneath your gums.

What motivates you?


What is your favorite part about being a Dental Professional?

My favorite part of being a pediatric dentist is MOST DEFINITELY interacting with children. I get to come home everyday with a new and exciting story to tell because kids really DO say the darndest things!

What do you think is the most important thing about what you do?

EDUCATION! People often think a dentist’s job is just to “drill and fill” but educating families on proper oral care is one of the most important aspects of my job as a pediatric dentist. That’s why one of my favorite hobbies is sharing dental tips on social media (IG@doctor.girlfriend) so that families can work towards helping their child build healthy oral habits early on in their lives.

What is your favorite part about the Slate Electric Flosser?

Definitely, the sonic vibrations which help me get into my stubborn tight contacts!