Fearless Female Founders

Though Slate is immensely proud of the innovation and care that has gone into the development of our electric flosser, as a company, there is so much more to Slate than just a beautiful product. Slate enthusiastically wears the label of being a female-founded company! 

As a mom of four girls, co-founder Brynn Snyder wanted to show her daughters they could do anything they put their minds to. “I want to empower them to be whatever they want and there is no better way to accomplish that than leading by example!” Brynn commented.

Brynn also recently returned from the trip of a lifetime. She and 22 other female founders were privileged to join @femalefoundersonly on a networking trip to Morocco. The primary goal of this experience was to “not only increase the visibility of female founders but to help them connect, learn, and grow together.” 

When speaking with Brynn about what motivated her to apply for and eventually participate in this trip, she explained that many female CEOs or company founders feel isolated in the process of growing their businesses. This female founders retreat was an opportunity to meet like-minded women who had knowledge and experience to share. “We build each other up” Brynn commented. The process of sharing business successes and failures throughout the trip allows smaller companies to learn from larger ones and for each female founder to revel in a sense of community and belonging. 

Though there was overlap in the target markets of multiple companies, there was an overwhelming sense of camaraderie and friendship among the founders. “We weren’t competing with each other,” Brynn said. “We were friends trying to help each other succeed.” This group of women operates within an abundance mindset rather than a scarcity mindset. They understand that there are plenty of customers to go around. This mentality creates space for female founders to continue to encourage and uplift each other. As Female Founders Only emphasizes on their website, “It takes a village and this is ours.”

It’s important to acknowledge that the generous sponsorship of several large companies made financing this trip possible. Each female founder was responsible for the price of their plane ticket as well as an additional $600 but the rest was covered in full by participating sponsors. This included RevRoad, Divvy, Shyft, Particl, Pelion, HyperBloom, Malomo, SadieB, and Minky Couture. Because these companies recognize the value of supporting and uplifting female founders, two dozen women were able to benefit from the experience.

The trip itinerary included exploring local markets, admiring the incredible tile and textile works, touring the Royal Palace, and participating in a hands-on cooking class. Each activity allowed them to deepen friendships and appreciate the incredible culture surrounding them. Brynn even joked that many of them became particularly bonded after catching a collective stomach bug during their travels. 

One particular commonality amongst trip participants is that their business are often connected to a cause. Their companies are frequently environmentally-conscious, socially-engaged, and/or philanthropic in their giving. We've taken the time to highlight a handful of these wonderful companies and their leaders below.

Slate Flosser

Brynn is co-founder of Slate alongside her husband Dr. Danny Snyder. Together they have built a product and a business that makes flossing easier and more effective. One Slate Flosser can keep 700+ floss picks from entering landfills each year. With recyclable packaging and reusable floss heads, Slate is dedicated to making flossing a sustainable habit.

Evio Beauty

At 21, Brandi Leifso was living in a domestic violence shelter when she founded Evio Beauty, an impact-led, clean beauty brand on a mission to build resilient skin and a better future. Evio has since donated more than $500,000 worth of products and funds to 27 shelters across North America that help survivors thrive. 

Imani + Kids

Dr. Jenny Nuccio is the founder and CEO of Imani + Kids, a socially conscious brand that empowers artisans in Kenya through ethical practices. She is also a devoted wife and mother to three children and resides full-time in Mombasa, Kenya with her family. They are committed to designing products safe for our environment and the entire family. Shop Imani Kids is breaking the cycle of poverty in Kenya with its socioeconomic empowerment model. It provides not just employment opportunities, but community and necessary holistic care. 

Pip Pop Post

Sydney & Janelle are the dynamic duo behind Pip Pop Post; sisters-in-law & best friends. Fueled by frustration and a lack of good options for themselves & their daughters, Sydney & Janelle created earrings that are playful, high-quality, and perfect for any age. Their designs are also hypoallergenic, and poke-free!

The Little Milk Bar

Lindsay, a mother of three and owner of The Little Milk Bar is empowering breastfeeding mothers to #dropthecover and feel confident feeding their babies anytime, anywhere. In a world where motherhood often feels overwhelming, Lindsay has intentionally created clothing that simplifies breastfeeding and sets both new and experienced moms up for success. 

This inspiring group of women exemplifies some of the best the business world has to offer. They’re driven, creative, and proactive in their business and social endeavors. As Slate continues to grow and expand we hope to not only build lasting relationships with our customers but with other female-founded companies as well. As always, we’re grateful for your support and hope that you’ll find ways to support female-founded businesses!

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