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Kids' Dental Health Day with Dr. Kevin Brown

Kevin Brown is a dedicated dentist and family man. He is passionate about ensuring that all his patients feel excited and comfortable when they go to the dentist. 

1. What made you want to become a Dental professional?

My Grandfather and Uncle were both dentists, and you could tell they loved what they did. From a very young age, they became my role models. As I aged, I found out that I wanted a career that enabled me to be family men like they were but also a career that pushed me to pursue excellence. I'm very detail-oriented and there are not a lot of other careers as detail-oriented as dentistry. I don't think it's a coincidence that I'm in dentistry because of my family background. Additionally, I love the fact that I get to create and foster long-term relationships with patients.

2. What is the hardest part about being a Dental Professional? 

Seeing dental work fail. I'm a perfectionist by personality, and it's so hard for me to see things not work when they don't. It does create growth in the pursuit of excellence. I guess that's why it's called the "practice of dentistry."

3. What do you wish that your patients knew? 

How hard I work behind the scenes to make their experiences so much better. I am a pediatric dentist. Therefore every small detail is a huge difference maker. I try so hard to make sure these little people can't say, "I was traumatized at the dentist when I was younger."

4. If you could give one dental hygiene tip, what would it be?

Floss daily. Truly. Since dental school, I haven't missed a day of flossing (didn't want to be a hypocrite dentist), and since then, I've only had 1 cavity (and it was a repair of an old filling). Flossing can greatly reduce the frequency of your dental visits by minimizing those flossing cavities.

5. What motivates you?

My family - my wife and 5 boys are the reason behind why I work so hard.

6. What is your favorite part about being a Dental Professional?

The fun I have with all my pediatric patients watching them grow up in a dental setting that they feel comfortable in.

7. What is your favorite toothbrush?🪥

Sonicare Diamond Clean

8. What is your favorite toothpaste?🦷

Crest 3D White

9. What is your favorite mouthwash?


10. What do you think is the most important thing about what you do? 

Mentally creating a fun/safe dental experience for our pediatric patients.


11. What is your favorite thing about the Slate Electric Flosser?

How easy it is to use and how clean my gums feel when I'm done with it. It's amazing!!!
You can find Kevin on Instagram @alpinekidsdentistry 😎