A Traveler's Tips for Great Oral Health

Do your good habits fall apart while you’re on vacation? There’s so much we love about travel but it's not always conducive to good oral care. Maintaining your daily oral hygiene routine can help you feel more put together as you jump from place to place. If you’re looking forward to an upcoming trip this year, check out these tips for keeping your teeth healthy, no matter where you are.

Pack Your Toothbrush & Flosser in Your Backpack

Have you ever been forced to check your carry-on bag at the gate? Or have you ever had your checked bag lost? I tend to put my most important travel items in my carry-on bag, with one notable exception. My toothbrush, toothpaste, and Slate Flosser all go in my personal item/backpack. As someone who loves their electric toothbrush and is fully converted to the Slate Flosser, I can't imagine surviving a trip without them. My teeth just don't feel fully clean if I use a manual toothbrush or a floss pick. If you're like me and want your teeth feeling fresh for your vacation, I would highly recommend moving your dental hygiene items from your checked bag into your backpack. That way you can guarantee that they will arrive with you to your destination. If your flight is a red-eye or includes a long layover, you might want to use your toothbrush and flosser upon landing. Brushing and flossing immediately after your arrival can make a huge difference in how you feel, especially if you're struggling with travel fatigue.

Maintain Your Routine

Obviously, travel is meant to be an escape from everyday life but slacking on your oral health routine while abroad is a big mistake. Taking care of your teeth is ALWAYS important, regardless of which country you're in. Maintaining your brushing and flossing habits can help you better adjust to being in your new destination and will save you from dealing with the negative repercussions that come from lack of care when you get back. Luckily, Slate’s sleek, compact design makes it ideal for travel. Not only is it lightweight but since it’s battery-operated you won’t have to bring another charger in your luggage! Add your Slate Electric Flosser to your packing list and keep plaque and bacteria at bay year-round. 

Stay Hydrated

Oral bacteria thrive in a dry environment and travel can often leave the body severely dehydrated. One of the best things you can do to keep your mouth healthy and your breath fresh is to stay hydrated. The more moisture in your mouth, the less likely cavity-causing bacteria is to thrive. Drinking water is the best option for your teeth since it has a neutral pH balance, but if you need something extra, adding a hydration electrolyte mix to your water is a great way to rehydrate your body after flying or while on a road trip. 

Chew Xylitol Gum

Chewing xylitol gum comes with a variety of benefits, especially while traveling. Not only does it freshen your breath after a long flight, but xylitol gum also stimulates saliva production, which helps neutralize acids in the mouth and wash away bacteria. There’s also evidence that xylitol may help remineralize the teeth, supporting the reversal of damage from bacteria, and alleviating tooth sensitivity. It's a convenient way to promote oral health while on the go. Here’s one of our favorite brands on Amazon!

Limit Acidic and Staining Foods

We all know that vacation often means indulging in things like exotic coffee and wine. Although these drinks can add a lot of fun and ambiance to your trip, they're also very likely to stain your teeth. Now we're not here to tell you not to enjoy yourself, but if you’re frequently reaching for teeth-staining treats, try swishing water around in your mouth after you've finished eating or drinking. This will reduce the acidity in your mouth and allow it to return to a neutral pH balance. All of that is to say that swishing some water around in your mouth can go a long way in terms of minimizing stains and damage to your teeth. 

We hope you’ve found these tips helpful and are now well-prepared to care for your teeth while enjoying your travel plans. In need of more of our reusable floss heads before you go? Check out our brand new colored floss head collection here!