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Slate Electric Flosser BRACES Starter Kit

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1 Electric Flosser with 2 AA Batteries
5 Reusable Floss Heads (LASTS 5 weeks!)

Choose: Braces Flosser Kit

We recommend changing your floss head weekly.
1 box of 20 floss head refills lasts 20 weeks.
20 Floss heads = $20 every 4 months.
(That's only $5 a month!)


You are subscribing to Slate's floss heads (20 per delivery) and will only have a recurring charge of $20 on the schedule of your choice! Set your subscription and forget it! Change or cancel anytime!

Free Shipping Over $40
Free Shipping Over $40
30 Day Returns
30 Day Returns
Money-Back Guarantee
Money-Back Guarantee

Gum Sweep Features

Our patent-pending Gum Sweeps™ easily access, massage, stimulate, and clean the gums and teeth. This feature has strategically placed ribs and bristles that sweep away plaque and food particles your toothbrush leaves behind. Using them is easy: just glide the floss head back and forth from the front of the teeth to the back while you are flossing!

Tongue Scraper Features

Use nightly for fresher breath! Did you know that most bad breath-causing bacteria reside on the tongue's surface? While brushing helps, studies reveal that a tongue scraper can eliminate 30% more odor-causing bacteria than a toothbrush. Our Slate Electric Flosser boasts a dual-row rubber bristle tongue scraper that lifts and rakes the tongue's surface. It then finishes with a straight blade to squeegee away all the unwanted gunk. The scraper's shape mimics the natural curvature of an extended tongue.

Woven Floss Features

Our Woven Floss features a remarkable 450 strands that are NON-TOXIC and do not contain Teflon, PTFEs or PFAS! Our floss heads are proven to stand the test of time. We recommend changing your floss head once a week, depending on tooth contact tightness and tooth or filling conditions. For optimal results, weekly replacement is ideal.

Eco-Friendly Details

By using Slate floss heads instead of single-use floss picks, you can prevent over 700 plastic floss picks from ending up in landfills every year. Our fully-recyclable boxes further promote our mission to remain sustainable!

How to Use


  1. Press the blue button on the bottom of the flosser to turn it on.
  2. Slide the floss between your teeth using our "roll and sweep" method.
  3. Move the floss head from the front to the back of your teeth, allowing the Gum Sweeps™ to scrub the teeth and massage the gums.
  4. Use the tongue scraper 3-5 times when you are finished flossing to remove the bacteria you disrupted!
  5. Rinse the floss head thoroughly and allow it to dry.
  6. Replace floss heads weekly!
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Praised by Hygienists
praised by hygienists
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Get the maximum benefit from your flosser by using our special "roll & sweep" flossing technique. Let our CEO, Brynn, show you how it's done!
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