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Couple Starter Pack (2)

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You are subscribing to Slate's floss heads (20 per delivery) and will only have a recurring charge of $20 on the schedule of your choice! Set your subscription and forget it! Change or cancel anytime!


This couple pack contains 2 Slate Electric Flossers.


The Slate Electric Flosser is the only 3-in-1 flosser made to floss your teeth, stimulate your gums, and clean off your tongue. Designed, invented, and recommended by dentists, the Slate Electric Flosser has completely disrupted the flossing industry by creating a sustainable, effective, and easy-to-use flosser that will get people to actually jump on their flossing game and reduce cavities. The future of floss is here, and it’s time to check it out. Our Woven Floss has 450 strands, and is wax-free, toxin-free and teflon-free.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
I’m flossing!

Two things recently happened in my life, 1: I heard the interview about this flosser on NPR and I am one of the 50%+ of Americans who rarely floss. 2: a few days after listening to the interview, I had a scammy negative dental appointment where they wanted me to pay $750 after insurance for a deep cleaning. The hygienist went on and on about how bad my teeth were and they bled a lot during cleaning, I thought she was rough and rude and trying to “sell.” Anyway, I declined the expensive cleaning and decided I needed to floss regularly so I went to checkout this product. I don’t want Alzheimer’s. My partner has flossed like 2x in his life. I don’t want him to get Alzheimer’s. I ordered this partner pack for us and we have since flossed every single day because the handle makes it easy to use and it’s much quicker than regular floss. It’s expensive, but I’m flossing. I might buy as gifts for friends in the future. I wasn’t sure what this kit came with, the description isn’t specific… I thought it might only come with the handheld divorce but it came with several replacement heads too. Two tips for improvement: the box it comes with is just cardboard and it should come with a travel case and a protective cover for the head between uses. Also… I wonder if this device needs to be as long as it is? I do a lot of solo traveling with one tiny bag and I’d like to bring this but it would take up a lot of space. I’d buy a travel size.

Thank you so much for taking the time to share such wonderful feedback! We are so happy you are flossing! We can't wait to hear what your hygienist has to say next time. We have sent your feedback about our description and product suggestions to our team, we are always happy to improve!


Love this flosser!!!

Sandra Reeside
New User

Just bought these and have been using about a week. But was so enthused about the idea that I bought them for my sons and their partners as well. I’ll be interested to see if my hygienist has anything to say when I see her.

Thank you for sharing your feedback! We would love to hear what your hygienist and family members say!

Carrie Brady
My new favorite way to get a very clean floss!

I’m a wife of a dentist and both of us are thoroughly enjoying our Slate Flossers. I love to floss and having the wedges to massage and clean the gums is a game changer. We will be sharing this website with family, staff and patients. Thank you for making such a great product!

This is such great feedback! The Gum Sweeps are our favorite part of the Electric Flosser, too! Thank you for sharing.

Steve Thatcher
Amazing flosser

So solid and easy to use. You can also tell that it is well made once you hold it. It makes flossing so much quicker and easier that it is easy to do it daily.

Thanks for sharing! We are so happy that it is easy to use and that you are flossing daily!