What is Nano-hydroxyapatite & Why Should I Care?

Slate recently released some new and improved floss heads for our customers. Alongside some fun color options, we launched something extra special: our nano-hydroxyapatite floss heads!

What we want you to understand is that nano-hydroxyapatite (n-HA) is good for your teeth! We wouldn’t have added it to our floss heads if it wasn’t. Now, we realize you’ve probably never heard of nano-hydroxyapatite (often referred to as just hydroxyapatite) and might not know why it’s an important addition to our floss heads. So, let’s dig into it.

Nano-hydroxyapatite is a naturally occurring form of calcium apatite that makes up 90% of tooth enamel. Now although n-HA occurs naturally in your body, the addition of synthetic nano-hydroxyapatite can be used by your body to replenish lost enamel minerals. In other words, n-HA can “prevent demineralization and promote remineralization in your teeth.” This is the main reason why n-HA can be found in toothpaste as well as Slate floss! 

Remineralization is how your teeth repair themselves. Your body uses calcium and other minerals to rebuild your enamel so that your teeth remain strong. If your enamel, (the protective outer layer of your teeth) is damaged then you are more vulnerable to tooth decay and other dental issues. 

Our good friend Dr. B listed some of the prime benefits of n-HA in his blog comparing n-HA to fluoride. He noted that n-HA prevents bacteria from attaching to enamel, can increase the hardness of enamel, and has no side effects. Like fluoride, nano-hydroxyapatite can reverse dental decay, leaving you with healthier, stronger teeth.

Our team at Slate wanted to provide a way for our customers to get n-HA between their teeth so that they could reap all the benefits that come from it. So, we built it into our floss heads! Most cavities occur between the teeth so by including n-HA in our floss, your trouble spots can be cleaned and remineralized at the same time.

Our ultimate goal at Slate is to provide you with the most effective tools for superior oral care. With our nano-hydroxyapatite floss heads, we're leveling up an already amazing product! Click here to get yours!